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Devon Climate Emergency

Creating a resilient, net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive!

Devon Responds

The Devon Climate Emergency project is raising awareness and encouraging everyone to act.

A range of organisations across Devon have declared a climate and ecological emergency and have endorsed the principles of the Devon Climate Declaration. 

Together, we are working on…

Devon Carbon Plan

Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Climate Adaptation Strategy

Immediate Action

Devon Carbon Plan – your questions answered

How have local people been involved in the Devon Carbon Plan?

What could our neighbourhoods look like?

How will we travel?

What will we eat?

How will farming change? 

What opportunities are there for new jobs?

What will be done about waste?

Where will our energy come from?

What will our homes look like?

For more information about understanding climate change, please see our climate science FAQs.

How you can get involved

Changing your behaviour not only helps reduce your carbon footprint but can help encourage others to adopt more sustainable habits!

Community groups and local councils are in a great position to engage people on the ground and raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Organisations have an important role to play in reducing emissions and contributing towards a net-zero Devon.

A brief summary of the changes that are needed to create a net-zero Devon.

The Devon Carbon Plan in 8 points
Fossil fuels no longer an energy source, energy consumption is minimal, community action for a net-zero Devon, carbon captured from fuels burnt
Escaping greenhouse gas emissions are minimised, develop a resilient economy, resources are used more circularly, maximise natural carbon storage

Who we are

A range of public, private, and voluntary organisations from across Devon came together on 22nd May 2019 to form the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group.

The project is aiming to create a resilient, net-zero carbon Devon – where people and nature thrive.

Achieving this will require collaborative action from everyone across Devon.

Our partners and governance

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DCE is a growing number of organisations and communities
who support the Devon Climate Declaration








Environmental Organisations



Map of Devon


Emergency Service Organisations


Health Organisations


Utility Operators



Our partners

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