Climate Impacts Group

The climate is already changing and we all need to prepare to live in a warmer world.

The Climate Impacts Group is using its collective knowledge to create a Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Adaptation Plan. This will consider how the region and its citizens can adapt to living in a warmer world.

Group Updates

Following the Met Office’s release of climate projections for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the Climate Impacts Group have reviewed the information and interpreted its implications for the South West.

This work has lead to the creation of a Climate Change Risk Register – a document which identifies the range of climate risks that the South West is facing, and scores each of them depending on their likelihood and potential impact. Our next step is to identify the parties responsible for responding to each risk, and to address any existing gaps in our preparedness for climate adaptation.

Once the existing gaps have been assessed and remedied, we will move on to creating our Adaptation Plan, which will then be put to key stakeholders and the general public for consultation.

After the consultation is complete, we will be able to incorporate any feedback before finalizing the plan and working with organizations to put it into practice.

Minutes of the latest meeting:

Terms of Reference


To work collaboratively with the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly climate emergency projects operating in each of the three localities to use its expertise to help:

  • to coordinate and oversee the delivery of regional action on adaptation, aligning with action on climate mitigation wherever possible.
  • prepare communities and organisations for the necessary adaptations to infrastructure, services and behaviours that will be required to respond to the effects of a changing climate.
  • improve the resilience of public health, the natural environment, our economy and infrastructure to the effects of climate change now and in the future.


The Climate Impacts Group will prepare a strategic-level Adaptation Plan, that will include:

  • An appraisal of the projected climate change for the region in the 21st century
  • Determination of the current risks held by the Local Resilience Forum in the Community Risk Register that will be affected by climate change and how their magnitude and/or likelihood is expected to change
  • Identification and evaluation of new community risks for the region not currently managed that will arise from climate change
  • An understanding of the implications for the natural environment from climate change 
  • Actions to improve community and environmental resilience

Reporting and Direction

The Climate Impacts Group will take direction from, and report its activity to:

  • The Risk Management Group of the Local Resilience Form
  • The Devon Climate Emergency Response Group
  • The Cornwall Climate Change Board
  • Isles of Scilly Emergency Planning

Reporting will be via the Climate Impacts Group members that represent each of the above groups.

Likewise, the Climate Impacts Group can advise the above groups of issues that require consideration.

The minutes of the Climate Impacts Group may be published online by any of the above groups.


Partner organisations of the Local Resilience Forum, plus any others with relevant knowledge that may be invited by them.

Current members

Met Office
University of Exeter
NHS Devon - Clinical Commissioning Group
Devon County Council
Environment Agency
South West Water
Devon and Cornwall Police
Public Health Devon
DLNP Natural Devon
Local Resilience Forum
Cornwall Council
Council of the Isles of Scilly
Ministry of Housing, Comm unites and Local Government
Westcountry River Trust


The Chair will be nominated by the members of the Climate Impacts Group from its membership.


The Climate Impacts Group is meeting on an ad-hoc basis.


The Climate Impacts Group will seek to make decision by consensus. If necessary, decisions can be taken by a majority vote, with the chair holding an additional casting vote.


The Climate Impacts Group can establish sub-groups to support its role on a task and finish basis. 


The secretariat role is shared between the Environment Agency and the Devon Climate Emergency team, hosted by Devon County Council.


Climate Impacts Group members are encouraged to contribute staff time and other resources to produce outputs. Specific staff resource is available from the Environment Agency and the Devon Climate Emergency Team.

Funding requirements will be identified on an ad-hoc basis via the Climate Impacts Group members and escalated to the groups listed under ‘Reporting and Direction’ if necessary.

Sunset over the sea with waves splashing onto slipway in foreground.
Photo Credit: Linda Ronald