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Online Mobile Game

The Net Zero Vision online mobile game was developed by Mutant Labs. Founded in 2009 in Plymouth, the Mutants specialise in games, animation, music videos and interactives. Seeking unconventional, offbeat, and imaginative encounters, they have worked with clients all over the world on all sorts of projects – from big-brand games to experimental R&D.

For the Net Zero Vision project Alex Ryley and his team conducted developmental play testing with students from Plymouth High School for Girls and Salisbury Road Primary School, as well as gathering feedback at a workshop with artists and communities from all the projects.

The game is centred around three key topics. ‘Transport Turnaround’ is a rapid-fire reaction game to swap out gas-guzzling road vehicles for their greener counterparts. ‘Grow Your Own’ sees you test out your green-fingers in sowing, watering and harvesting fruit and veg in an allotment. ‘Borrow Don’t Buy’ puts you at the centre of a local community who have items to share with each other. A high-score table encourages players to keep coming back and to share the game – we look forward to seeing a wide range of players battling it out for top spot!


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