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Your responses will be used to redraft the Interim Devon Carbon Plan for publication in autumn 2021. The recommendations from the Citizens’ Assembly will be also be published in the autumn. These will be considered by the Net-Zero Task Force and the Devon Climate Emergency partners to complete the Plan, following which there will be a further consultation opportunity in spring 2022.

1. Background to this Report

2. Consultation Purpose

3. Summary of Findings

4. How the Consultation was Promoted

5. Types of Responses Received

6. About The Respondents

7. Your Views on Climate Change

8. Feelings About The Plan

9. Key Outcomes & Priority Actions

10. Rating the Importance of Individual Action

11. Implementing the Plan

12. Keeping in Touch

13. Next Steps

14. Appendix 1: Organizations that Responded

15. Appendix 2: Organizations through which people heard about the consultation

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