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Exeter Science Park is a signatory of the Devon Climate Declaration

We are delighted that Exeter Science Park is a signatory of the Devon Climate Declaration.

Exeter Science Park is leading the charge towards a sustainable future with a firm commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions. The organisation has implemented innovative strategies and employed green technologies to reduce its environmental footprint. The buildings have been designed to maximise efficiency and reduce energy usage in various ways, including LED lighting, advanced insulation and smart climate control.

Dr Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park, outlined the ongoing work undertaken to ensure the highest sustainability standards.

“Both the Ada Lovelace and George Parker Bidder Buildings are net zero carbon for operational energy. The New Zeal Hotel, which is due to open in December 2024, will be a sustainable net zero-carbon hotel. With infrastructure to support around 100 electric car charging points and a focus on utilising public transport, Exeter Science Park is proud to be one of the most sustainable science park in the UK, however the key is our culture of continuous improvement.”

We are delighted that environmentally conscious organisations have supported our Climate Declaration as we work to deliver the Devon Carbon Plan.

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