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This report marks a major milestone for the Devon Climate Emergency project. The findings presented here reflect the actions Devon’s citizens would like to see taken in order to tackle the climate emergency.

The report was created by an independent facilitator, and the Devon Climate Assembly is an external advisory body to the Devon Climate Emergency partnership. We hope you enjoy reading the Climate Assembly’s resolutions, as we look forward to transforming them into deliverable actions.

AUTHOR: Kaela Scott, Director of Innovation and Practice, Involve

Dominic Ward, Senior Project Officer, Involve

DATE: September 2021

Executive Summary – Introduction

Executive Summary – Summary of Conclusions from the Devon Climate Assembly

Executive Summary – Q1. What should be the role of onshore wind in the Devon renewable energy strategy?

Executive Summary – Q2. What needs to be done to encourage less car use in Devon?

Executive Summary – Q3. What would be the best way of encouraging, or requiring, people to retrofit their homes, properties or business premises to reduce carbon emissions?

Executive Summary – Key Messages to Devon Climate Emergency

1. Introduction

2. Members of the Devon Climate Assembly

2.1 Recruitment and Selection

3. How the Devon Climate Assembly worked

3.1 Background to the Assembly

3.2 The design of the Assembly

3.3 Delivery of the Assembly meetings

3.4 Structure of the Devon Climate Assembly

4. Principles underpinning the conclusions of the Devon Climate Assembly

5. Assembly conclusions regarding the role of onshore wind in Devon

5.1 Onshore Wind: resolutions and conditions

6. Assembly conclusions regarding roads and mobility

6.1 Roads and Mobility: resolutions and conditions

7. Assembly conclusions regarding retrofitting

7.1 Retrofitting: resolutions and conditions

8.Overarching messages to the Devon Climate Emergency Partnership

9. Members’ evaluation of the assembly process

Appendix A: Conversation Guidelines

Appendix B: Member’s individual final messages to the Climate Emergency Partnership

Appendix C: Individuals who presented evidence to the Devon Climate Assembly

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