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Climate Impacts Group Meeting Minutes, 29th March 2023


Emily Reed
Doug Eltham
Sara Gibbs
Louise Sawyer
Emmanuelle Marshall
George Arnison
Charles Ffoulkes
Hannah Oliver
Alex Rainbow
Tom Dauben
Carolyn Cadman
Devon Climate Emergency (Chaired this meeting)
Devon County Council (Environment)
Public Health Devon
Devon and Cornwall Police
Plymouth City Council
Environment Agency
Cornwall Council
Environment Agency
South West Water


Mark Rice
Maria Van Hove
Stephen Swabey
Laurence Couldrick
Jacqui Warren
Neil Hamlyn
Thomas Cunningham
Ruth Rockley
Rhys Hobbs
Nick Paling
Andrew McArthur
Dai Morriss
Stacy Griffiths
Anya Gopfert
Lesley Newport
James Cooper
James Kershaw
Environment Agency (Chair)
Public Health, Exeter University and Torbay Council
Council of the Isles of Scilly
Westcountry Rivers Trust
Torbay Council
Local Resilience Forum
Devon and Cornwall Police
Cornwall Council
Cornwall Council
South West Water
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
Wales & West Utilities
Environment Agency / Torbay Council
Environment Agency
Environment Agency
Devon County Council

1. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as an accurate record.

All matters arising are scheduled for discussion on the main agenda.

2. Adaptation Strategy Feedback

Charles summarised the feedback received and the amendments that have subsequently been made to the Strategy. Charles summarised this in a slide deck which was circulated to the Group with these minutes.

No further comments were provided at the meeting.

Next step is for each organisation to confirm it is content for the draft document to be published for consultation from May 8th. In Devon, the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group will be shown the document on 7th April for comment on matters of accuracy or any remaining ‘show stoppers’ and will be subsequently invited to endorse the document for publication on the 4th May .

ACTION: All partners to seek appropriate sign off from their organisation for the consultation to proceed.

Emily thanked Charles and Hannah and their colleagues at RSK ADAS for supporting the preparation of the Adaptation Strategy.

3. Consultation Planning

The consultation is expected to start on the 8th May.

Engagement Plan

The Group has received an Engagement Plan for the consultation. The Group agreed that the three tiers of detail that will be available – Quick Reads, Executive Summary and Full Report – is a good solution.

ACTION: Emily will share the Quick Read version of the Plan with  the Group in April for comment.

Carolyn suggested ensuring the Catchment Partnerships are on the consultees list.

Emmanuelle will speak with colleagues about including the consultation on the Climate Connections Plymouth website.


Emily summarised the draft consultation questionnaire. Additional information could be incorporated  from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, such as the specific postcode areas.

Tom suggested asking respondents which risks they feel most concerned about.

Emmanuelle suggested linking from the questionnaire back to the section of the Adaptation Strategy it is referring to.

Sara suggested enabling people representing a large organisation to list their department.

Charles suggested asking people how they want to interact with the strategy in the future, to start to establish buy in and identify opportunities for future engagement.

ACTION: All to feedback on the consultation questionnaire by the 12th April. 

Risk Register

Emily asked whether the master Risk Register itself should be shared as part of the consultation. It was agreed that a tidied up version could be appropriate.

ACTION: Secretariat to tidy-up the risk register and circulate.

4. Governance of the Adaptation Strategy

Doug presented the proposals for governance that were aired at the previous meeting. These recommendations will form Section 3.5 of the Adaptation Strategy.

ACTION: All  to provide comment to Doug by 12th April.

George said the text needs to be more explicit that the secretariat will prepare the quarterly reports from the Group.

Tom said the text should make clear that Torbay and Plymouth are part of the Devon Climate Emergency project.

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