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Climate Impacts Group Meeting Minutes, 10th August


Tom Dauben – Environment Agency

Emily Reed – Devon Climate Emergency

Doug Eltham – Devon County Council

Emily Widdecombe – Devon Climate Emergency

Elliot Batty – D&CIoS Local Resilience Forum

Penny Tranter – Met Office

Harriet Googe – Environment Agency


Helen Dobby (Chair)

Alan Jeffrey – Cornwall Council

Alex Rainbow – Cornwall Council

James Cooper – Environment Agency

Rob Scarrott – South West Water

Neil Hamlyn – D&CIoS Local Resilience Forum

Dave Watkins  – Cornwall Council

Ruth Rockley – Devon County Council

Jacqui Warren – Torbay Council

Jane Grey – NHS England

Laurence Couldrick – West Country Rivers Trust

Saska McGrath – South West Water

Sara Gibbs – Devon Public Health

Michael Allum – Public Health England

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true record. 

Emily reported that she has submitted a consultation response to the South West Water Drought Plan on behalf of the partnership. Thank you to members who contributed to that.

2. Funding Bid to the Environment Agency

Emily provided an update. Emily has prepared a draft business case with the help of John Galt of the Devon County Council Flood and Coastal Risk Management Team. This is the second stage of attempting to secure £25k to provide additional resource to accelerate the preparation of the Adaptation Plan.

3. Risk Register

Appointments between group members and the Environment Agency are continuing. These are gathering information from stakeholders to include in the risk register about current levels of preparedness.

ACTION: All partners to engage positively with Kathryn and Felix from the Environment Agency to get the further information added to the risk register.

4. COP26

Emily highlighted that COP26 will consider climate impacts as part of its agenda, on Monday November 8th, under the title of: “ADAPTATION, LOSS AND DAMAGE: Delivering the practical solutions needed to adapt to climate impacts and address loss and damage.”

5. Climate Projections Report

Doug Eltham said that we should briefly update the Climate Projections Report in light of the latest IPCC evidence on climate science and get this published online along with the narratives on the themed impacts. Penny Tranter agreed and said we can also review the extent to which climate change can be attributed as a causal factor to various weather events over the past year.

ACTION: Doug to meet with Penny and Elliot to revise the Climate Projections Report.

6. Hydraulic Modelling Visualisations

Tom Dauben advised that the Environment Agency are exploring ways to visualise what the future will look like with regards flooding in particular communities. Tom suggested the visualisations could be expanded to include additional impacts beyond flooding. Tom will circulate further details to the group so we can consider how we could get further involved.  

ACTION: Tom to circulate details of the visualisations project

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