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Climate Impact Group Meeting 20th May

Climate Impact Group Meeting Minutes 20th May 2020. Download a PDF version here.


Helen Dobby Environment Agency (Chair)
Alex Rainbow Cornwall Council
Dave Watkins Cornwall Council
Ellie Rowlands Devon Climate Emergency
Emily Reed Devon Climate Emergency
Dom Maxwell-Batten Devon County Council
Doug Eltham Devon County Council
Lesley Newport Environment Agency
Wendy Harding Environment Agency
Neil Hamlyn Local Resilience Forum Manager
Elliott Batty Local Resilience Forum Secretariat
Penny Tranter Met Office
Sara Gibbs Public Health Devon
Robert Scarrott South West Water
Rebecca Mitchell University of Exeter


Ruth Rockley Cornwall Council
Mark Holmes Cornwall Council
Tom Cunningham Devon and Cornwall Police
Lindy Woodage Devon and Cornwall Police
Amanda Palmer Devon County Council
Peter Chamberlain Devon County Council
James Cooper Environment Agency
Jenny Shellens Ministry of Housing, Communities
Neil Vine NHS
Richard Merrifield Public Health Devon
Nick Young Public Health England
Sarah Swainbank South West Water

1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Minutes accepted as true record

Doug updated the group that he had spoken with Alex Rainbow of Cornwall Council and Tanya Saker of the Isles of Scilly Council. Both authorities are pleased to be part of the project.

ACTION: Doug Eltham to share the updated Terms of Reference.

Helen updated the group that Dave Trevains from the Environment Agency has stepped down from the Climate Impacts Group due to workload and Helen has organised for a replacement colleague from the Environment Agency. The individual is to be confirmed.

ACTION: Helen Dobby to confirm Dave Trevains replacement from the Environment Agency to sit on the Climate Impacts Group

2. Current Activity Update – Initial Review of Climate Risks

  • Status of the climate change projections document

Penny Tranter has amended the first draft of the Met Office document, outlining the regional climate change projections, it now incorporates the previously suggested changes.

ACTION: Dave Watkins to feedback to Penny Tranter and Rebecca Mitchell on suggested amendments to the Met Office draft.

  • Chapter template

Lindy was unable to attend the meeting. Neil Hamlyn updated that Lindy is due to produce the template, however she is busy with nationally important work at present.

ACTION: Lindy Woodage to produce the chapter template if time allows.

Doug updated the group that the West Country Rivers Trust, who have been commissioned to produce the natural environment risk narrative, have produced a draft template for their chapters.

ACTION: Doug Eltham to check with the West Country Rivers Trust if their template could be used for the chapters.

  • Narrative on flood risk

Helen Dobby informed the group that she was arranging for the Environment Agency to complete the narrative on flood risk.

ACTION: The Environment Agency will provide the narrative on flood risk at the June Climate Impacts Group meeting.

  • Health narrative

Sara Gibbs gave an update from Public Health Devon and confirmed that she has spoken to Nick who is due to produce the health narrative and will draw on the latest public health report.

ACTION: Nick to produce the health narrative by the 5th of June.

  • Natural environment narrative

Emily Reed informed the group that the natural environment narrative, which is being produced by the West Country Rivers Trust, has been delayed, however they are making good progress and intend for a draft to be completed by the end of the month.

ACTION: The West Country Rivers Trust to complete a draft of the natural environment narrative by the end of the month.

Lesley added that the Environment Agency are keen to see the draft from the West Country Rivers Trust to see how it fits with the Covid-19 response.

Doug highlighted that the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group is currently looking at aligning the Covid-19 response with action required to address the climate emergency. He also highlighted the letter from the Committee on Climate Change to the Government, as helpfully outlining the opportunity for the Covid-19 response to progress action towards achieving net-zero carbon and the danger that without explicit intent to do so, recovery money could further lock in emissions growth.

ACTION: The secretariat is to include an appendix in the Adaptation Plan to signpost to relevant groups whose work is contributing to the adaptation agenda. E.g. the Committee on Climate Change.

3. Timetable to produce an Adaptation Plan – feedback and comments

Doug introduced the Gant chart outlining the timetable to produce an adaptation plan, highlighting the stages of: risk identification, identification of actors’ responsibilities and mechanisms, assessing existing preparedness, identifying further adaptation activities required, public consultation and finalisation and adoption of the adaptation plan.

Helen Dobby felt it was a good structure and approach and a realistic timeline.

Rebecca Mitchell alerted the group that the timetable might need to shift to account for her work being delayed by waiting for the completion of the other risk narratives.

ACTION: Rebecca Mitchell to outline how long she needs to produce her supporting narrative, which will be produced once the other narratives are completed to subsequently allow her to identify gaps in risk consideration.

ACTION: Climate Impacts Group members to submit feedback on the timeline to Wendy Harding at the Environment Agency by the 10th of June.

ACTION: Emily and Doug to amend the timeline before the next meeting to reflect the feedback received.

4. AOB


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