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Block One

This page has links to all the presentations made to the Devon Climate Assembly in the first block of sessions. They are in order of which the presentations were given to the assembly. Click on the image to view the presentation on YouTube.

23rd June

  1. Introduction to the Devon Climate Assembly, how the assembly will work and the members hopes and fears for the process.

2. Introducing the assembly to the Devon Climate Emergency partnership from Phil Norrey, chair of DCE who explained the role of the assembly in completing the Devon Carbon Plan.

3. Introduction to the Devon Carbon Plan, Devon’s roadmap to tackling climate change. The recommendations of the assembly will be used to complete the Devon Carbon Plan.

4. The Devon Climate Assembly are presented with a vision of a net-zero Devon by Iain Stewart, professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth.

26th – 27th June

  1. Questions from the Devon Climate Assembly members from session one, answered by Emily Reed the Devon Climate Emergency Project Manager.

2. The role of critical thinking and evidence giving in the Devon Climate Assembly process, explained by Kaela Scott, the lead facilitator.

3. Richard Betts, Climate Scientist at the Met Office and author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, introduces the Devon Climate Assembly to the science of climate change.

4. Nigel Toppings, UN High Level Climate Action Champion for COP26, gives the Devon Climate Assembly an overview of what the UK and the world are doing about climate change.

5. A series of short talks on the impacts of climate change on Devon’s land, on public health etc., given to the Devon Climate Assembly by a range of speakers.

6. Jacqui Warren, Climate Emergency Officer at Torbay Council, put the work of the Devon Climate Assembly and the Devon Carbon Plan in the context of local decision making.

7. Patrick Devine-Wright, professor at the University of Exeter and chair of the Net-Zero Task Force, introduced the Devon Climate Assembly to the principles of the Devon Carbon Plan.

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