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9. Built Environment

9. Built Environment

Making our existing and future buildings net-zero, comfortable, healthy and affordable to run. 

Buildings and amenity lighting in outdoor spaces produced 42% of Devon’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2018, shared almost equally between residential and commercial/industrial buildings. The burning of fossil fuels for space and water heating and manufacturing processes, are responsible for 28% Devon’s emissions. The remaining 14% are from the consumption of grid-supplied electricity.1  

9.1 What needs to happen?

9.2 Opportunities and Co-Benefits

9.3 Key Outcomes

9.4 Goal: Build capacity in Devon to deliver self-financing, net-zero retrofit at scale

9.5 Goal: Independent, trusted advice and support on building retrofit is readily available

9.6 Goal: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for homes are enforced

9.7  Opportunity for discussion at the citizens assembly: incentives and legislation to accelerate building retrofit

9.8 Goal: Devon finds ways to accelerate the delivery of quality, net-zero new building ahead of national ambition. 

9.9 Goal: Further reduce the use of energy in public spaces

9.10 Action Summary Table for Built Environment

9.11 References

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