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12. Making the Plan Reality

12. Making the Plan Reality

The preparation of this Plan involved extensive collaboration between the Devon Climate Emergency partners, the Net-Zero Task Force, individuals and communities who responded to the Call for Evidence and the community of experts who gave their experience and knowledge at the Thematic Hearings. 

The ambition is that the implementation of this Plan will be equally collaborative. No single organisation or community can bring about the transformative social and economic changes that are needed to reach net-zero carbon: different sections of Devon society need to work together and take ownership for the parts of the net-zero challenge that they have influence over or wish to become involved in – as partnerships, organisations, communities and individuals.

12.1 Engagement and Ownership

12.2 Funding and Investment

12.3 Governance

12.4 Monitoring

12.5 Closing Remark

12.6 References

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